Construction Permits

Construction Permit system

Maseru City’s Construction Permit system is a web-based MIS software application that automates the application and review procedures for processing Construction Permits. It enables applicants to apply online and monitor the status of their project applications until a Construction Permit is issued.

How to Apply

Step #1

Submit an Application

You will need to create an account. Once logged in, make an application for building Permit then submit it.Step #2Documents CheckingThe applicaiton and attached documents will be checked by the records clerk. If the documents or application has an issue, it will be sent back to you for corrections.

Step #3

Bill Creation

An invoice will be generated with regards to the attributes of your construction.Step #4Make PaymentMake payment to the designated Building permit account then attach the payment receipt in the system.

Step #4

MCC Review

The appllication is reviewed by the Maseru City Council Reviewers. The MCC reviewers will send the application to External review at their discression.Step #5External ReviewYour application will be sent to this stage if it is deemed a medisum or high risk project.

Step #6

Permit Issuance

Finally, you can download the planning and building permisions which will be issued in this final stage.

Download a detailed Flow Chart

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